The Wise Generator Review

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Wise Generator ReviewThere was a time when the average hardworking American did not need to worry about energy security. There was a lot of cheap gas available. However, things have changed a lot in the past few decades. First, there was the oil shock of the 70s. Average American families realized that the cheap gas is not a sure thing anymore. If you have paid attention to the events in the past few years, you will begin to notice that things have recently started getting out of control. The world has become a much more dangerous place.

One of the biggest impacts of all of these changes has been that our energy security is no longer granted. We are dependent on electricity to run our lives and without electricity, we can kiss goodbye to the American lifestyle.

Even though we have discovered a lot of oil in America, the truth is that we still need to import a majority of our oil requirements. The biggest worry is that most of the American oil comes from countries such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Russia. The regimes in these countries are not stable and any small problem with the regimes in these countries has the potential to stop easy access to cheap oil from these countries.

Events in the past two decades have shown that massive blackouts are growing throughout the country. In fact, these blackouts have grown by over 100% in the last 20 years. Also, extreme weather is slowly becoming a reality. All of these events tell us that we need to be prepared for our energy security.

However, the sad truth is that most of the Americans have not given it a thought and are not prepared to take care of their energy needs in case the energy grid fails or we suddenly are unable to access cheap energy.

The technological advancements in the past few decades have also given us access to solar power and wind power. However, these sources of energy are still dependent on the natural processes. For instance, you won’t be able to get any solar power during cloudy days and if there is no wind blowing, you cannot generate electricity from a windmill. Therefore, one needs to have an electricity generator that is not dependent on a single power source and can generate electricity from various types of fuels.

All of these considerations led Joe to come up with a solution that works with all kind of fuels. He wanted to create a system that was not only easy to build but also easy to move. The system should also be able to use multiple sources of fuel. He researched a lot and finally he stumbled upon a gem.

He created the WISE generator. It stands for Whatever Input Steam Engine. This system uses a completely revolutionary mechanism that is called Radial Pneumatic. This system uses both pressure and vacuum to create energy. It has specially designed pistons that also work as valves. The result is that this generator does not have the weigh as much as a typical generator. Additionally, it can run on wood, solar power, geothermal heat as well as a simple air compressor.

WISE Generator Details

The buyers will receive the following as part of their purchase.

  • A complete PDF guide that contains step-by-step instructions for making this Wise generator. You can also print this guide for your reference.
  • There are also detailed schematics as well as various photos of the generator so that you do not need to make any guesses to create your own generator.
  • There are also a lot of high definition videos included in the product. In these videos, Joe takes you through the complete building process of the generator from scratch. These video guides are there to ensure that there is absolutely no scope for errors.
  • It also comes with a parts list. You can print this list to do your shopping for the generator.
  • There is also a guide that explains how the Wise generator works. You do not need this to build a generator but it is still good to know how the system works.
  • There are also three bonus guides that focus on maximizing the energy, storage of electricity and some preparedness secrets.


  • One of the biggest advantages of the Wise generator is that it can run on a wide variety of fuel sources so that you are never out of fuel choices when you want to generate electricity.
  • Wise generator can run 24 hours a day. The weather, daylight or location does not matter; it will keep running 24 hours a day.
  • It is very easy to build and even an 80-year-old person can build this generator in an afternoon.
  • The components required to make this are easily available and really cheap. In fact, some of the buyers did not need to buy anything, as everything was already available in their garage.
  • It does not make any noise and there is absolutely no impact on the environment.
  • You will enjoy full power as soon as the generator is switched on. The energy output given by the generator does not fluctuate.
  • It is very easy to assemble the generator and disassemble it. Therefore, when you are going camping or leaving your home, you can easily take the WISE generator with you.
  • There are very few moving parts in the generator and therefore, it requires minimal maintenance especially when compared to other sources of electricity.
  • You can run Wise generator in any position. So, you do not need to worry if you have a tight space.
  • It is easy to make this generator in various configurations. So, you just need to change the piston size to generate more power.
  • It helps in reducing your electricity bill, as the power produced by Wise generator is cheap as compared to the energy supplied by the energy utility.
  • It has the potential to reduce your electricity bill by as much as 75% within a month.


There are no major disadvantages of WISE generator. In fact, the only disadvantage of this product is that utilities will need to find new sources of revenue once the system becomes more widely known and people get rid of their dependence on the energy grid.


There is no other system available in the world that can claim generation of electricity at will while using so many fuel sources. The ease of creating this Wise generator and low cost of creation make it one of the best choices for everyone.

It also comes with a 60 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Therefore, you can buy this guide to create that generator and if you do not like the concept, you just need to ask for a refund and get your money back.

Overall, you do not need to worry when you’re electricity goes out. You just need to fire up the WISE generator and enjoy cheap energy.


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